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Receive payment in my home Currancy

I have just listed my spainish apartment which is rented by people in the UK and would like to receive payments in pounds. Why should the guests pay me in euros and receive a poor exchange rate then it get transferred back into pounds to pay me? I have since been informed that I will need to have a spainish bank account to receive the English payment and arrange for it to be transferred back to the UK.
Please can anybody tell me if they have had the same issue and if they managed to receive payments into there home country bank account and not that of the apartment?
So much is lost on two exchange rate conversions then none are needed.
This appears to be a very bad bussiness model to follow and just adds an extra level that is not required.


Have you considered using REVOLUT for either getting paid by (ie. they collect payment on your behalf and then pay you) or client pays direct into a REVOLUT account? There are no bank charges/exchange charges and might work well for your requirement. Here is the link


Hi, I have the same situation with Eur/Czech crown exchange. I loose money on each day. Can you advice how to proceed? How does ir work with the proposed Revolut? What are condirions?