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Received Invoice in Extranet with no details of how to make payment

Hi.  So I did a search but couldnt find the info I needed so thought I would ask via my own thread.  I have an "invoice" showing in the "Finance" section of my extranet.  It doesnt show how I am to make payment to  I read on another thread I shouldve received an email with all details of how to pay etc, but as of now I havent received an email with that information.  I even looked in "pulse" the app and tried to download the invoice, of which it says I have 1 but upon trying to download the invoice in PDF  it says 0.  So I guess my question is, is that from the time that extranet says we have an invoice in to pay, does it take 24hrs for the email with the payment information in it to turn up in my email?  many thanks Donna

Donna Luxford

I have just had a look in "Financial Overview" by pure coincidence and have found banking details. So I am guessing this is where I pay the commission to. I will wait until the morning to see if I get emailed an Invoice first though. Thought one wouldve gone out automatically at the same time that it says I have an invoice in the extranet though.


Hi Donna,

Go to Finance > Invoices

Here you will find a downloadable pdf copy of the invoice, marked as such directly under the invoice number. When you download it there is a payslip included, just fill in the details and pay by any bank method available to you, quoting all the necessary refs. If you pay manually at a bank then just fill in said form and trundle off the bank. You can also check the full statement, link under the corresponding Invoice Amount column.

Although it is normal to receive an email as well. You should also check that you have given BDC the correct email address for the sending the invoice to and your Junk/Spam folder.

Donna Luxford

Thank you @fluff. It showed up this morning but up till then there was no downloafable PDF and email address correct. All good now. Thanks for your help.