Reducing an stay (Originally 2 night) for only 1 night

We have an existing booking, the client has had some personal issues and would like to reduce her stay to only 1 night.

Booking number:***
Hotel St Clair Ref ***
Booking.com / Executive Ocean View Room
Non refundable
17th – 19th March (2 nights)
Amended date: Check in 17th – Check Out 18th (1 night)
Please advise what we can do in regard to the remaining $284 that has been paid, whether it be refunded etc?

Leandri Klopper


Thanks for posting, remember though that no private information (such as client names etc) may be posted on the Forum.

I think you will need to refund the guest, if they have changed the booking on Booking.com itself. Otherwise you will still be charged commission on the entire price.

Hope this helps!