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Reducing an stay (Originally 2 night) for only 1 night

We have an existing booking, the client has had some personal issues and would like to reduce her stay to only 1 night.

Booking number:***
Hotel St Clair Ref ***
*** / Executive Ocean View Room
Non refundable
17th – 19th March (2 nights)
Amended date: Check in 17th – Check Out 18th (1 night)
Please advise what we can do in regard to the remaining $284 that has been paid, whether it be refunded etc?
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Leandri Klopper


Thanks for posting, remember though that no private information (such as client names etc) may be posted on the Forum.

I think you will need to refund the guest, if they have changed the booking on itself. Otherwise you will still be charged commission on the entire price.

Hope this helps!

7 months ago