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The refund will not implement as per your request

Dear support team,

Kindly note the refund will not implement as per your request for these bookings,  as our reservation team already emailed several times to support team that the booking were reserved under non-refundable rate and we have offered the postpone stay for one year but the refund is not in our an option.


We hope you understand that and thank you in advance.


Should you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at your convenience.


Your sincerely,


Ms. Jiraporn Petchana (Fern)

Reservation Manager

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Sharonpowney 2 years ago

You have posted this on the partner forum so we are not able to help resolve this.  To email the help team use the Inbox icon on Extranet.

Craigmoniecottage 2 years ago

Hello Jiraporn from the Privilage Hotels - just saw your post and good that you have joined the B.Com community forum.  I have a bed and breakfast in Loch Ness Scotland and think you might want to join Brookes (just click on her link above) - the B.Com community managers forum (you can link in above) as there are many, many more establishments with the same thoughts as yours and you might want to join us or if you want to chat you can get me on my website

Anyway hope to hear from you 



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BrookAve 2 years ago


Hi theprivilegehotels


  • Firstly fair play to you for taking this stance with BdC.
  • Secondly they will never see this. Only BdC communtiy team and us fellow partners will.
  • You might want to catch up and read all of :
  • Legal - I advise you get your legal advisor to review it also
  • Local Civil Service Support - check your local and national government support programmes for business to see if you qualify for financial support.


Kind Regards, Be Safe, Be Well