Refunding a Guest

 HI I was posting to see how long does it take for Booking.com to send a refund to a clients credit card.   I just created a refund of about 55% of the total stay. I spoke to customer service on Tuesday. Thank you.  


No idea but I think it will take some time as booking.com will probably want to satisfy themselves why you gave a refund as it will affect the amount of commission payable to them.


hello.A guest of mine asking for a refund due to a room change that occured because the pool in the room he booked was not heating up so we gave another room with working heated pool but on a lower rate.he has a nunrefundable booking.how to i proccess this through booking.com?



How do I get Booking.com to refund a client their full cost?. The room they confirmed was not available and I did indicate this but the client didn’t get the message. I haven’t received payment from Booking.com so I can’t even refund the client myself.