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refunding guest

The guest has paid you and you have provided virtual card. I have refunded this card and i need you to refund the guest ASAP. Error was made at the property so we are offering free cancellation.


Need response ASAP.

 Guest name ***  *** - ***



If you have refunded that vcc, then just either:


  1. direct guest to trigger cancellation on their account
  2. you trigger Request Cancel on their details page menu.
  3. or contact Partner Support

method 1 will always be the preferred method.




Reminder: Never post action requests, will never be seen nor actioned.

If needed, Simply report to BdC Partner Support , see below 3 methods.


Message or Call BdC PartnerSupport ***


  1. In the extranet, go to the ‘Inbox’ tab.
  2. Select ‘ messages’.
  3. Right Pane - Click on ‘See Contact Options’
  4. Choose Account
  5. Now choose Other
  6. Then at bottom , See all contact options, and click Message or Call
  7. As there is no one number for all partners, the number for your nearest BdC Partner Support is then revealed.

    *** public main lines via Where you can reach us  

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  10. how to contact partner support via private assigned number in inbox