Refunding Virtual Credit Card

Hello, I do hope this is in the correct place and I apologise if not. 

We recently had a guest request to cancel and waive cancellation fees, which we accepted and I refunded the Booking.com virtual credit card straight away. At the time of the guest requesting to cancel, we received an email from booking.com asking that should we agree to waive fees we should process the refund and send proof within 5 working days. 

As it was a Booking.com VCC, and not a direct refund to the guest, do I still need to send them proof of my refund and if so, where to? 

Under the finance tab it tells me I have no VCC to refund. I only checked this tab after refunding the VCC and wondered if it would have shown in there before hand?  

I'm very new to booking.com so apologies if this is a silly question.



Hi Barbara,


Welcome to the Partner Hub Community for Partners, no BdC support Team staff if see this.


For BdC VCC , yes these typically are  in the reservations details page, but not chargeable until day 2 of the stay.


The updated COV19 FAQ introduced this change a few months ago, and nno plans by BdC to change it back, until further notice. Frequently Asked Questions


I would look at the reservation for a payment status , or atleast how was it paid for.


Though I am puzzled by at one point you say you refunded the VCC, but now not sure the details where visible. I consider that ared herring so lets ignore that for now.


For next steps to confirm all is in order I would use the Partner Phone number  to get validation from BdC support. If phone method busy etc, follow up with  sending a message via same section.

See contact guide below.




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