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Regarding incorrect invoice

I had many reservation, but I don't have a any guests since on 2018 .but I got invoice. I don't want pay for that

Aaltje B.

What do you mean Dinushka You had reservations, but no guests since 2018? I don't understand.

Have you solved your problem via the help - desk? (Extranet? )

Can you explain again , please.


Aaltje B.

Leandri Klopper

Hey Aaltje B. ,Methinks Dinushka is not keeping tabs on the answers of the post.

Dinushka Lanka , you pay per stay. It's impossible to be invoiced for reservations if you didn't have any reservations since 2018.

Best of luck.


I also had same issue actually there was a booking but I forgot to put him no show now invoice is generated which I don’t want to pay

Strydom Bruwer

I don't have any reservations through during 2019-2020.

I don't  know for what and from where this invoice came from! Regards. Strydom Bruwer Five on Fernkloof

Hotel ID***

Invoice Invoice dateDays outstandingOriginal amountOutstanding amount


Total of due itemsZAR11,546.71

Account balanceZAR11,546.71