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Regarding refund of wongly-paid commision

I have requested to refund the wrongly-paid commision,

and a credit note was issued from,accepting my request, which makes me able to use it when I pay next month's charge.

But the problem is that I don't have any booking until next February because of COVID 19. I have requested to refund my money back several times but they keep saying the same thing over and over, ignoring my request, that I would better to use it when paying next month's charge.

I do not get why the is not paying "my money" back.

They keep saying I cannot get my money back because I made a mistake. The money originally belongs to me and it was sent by mistake. It even seems that is playing with my money.

I am disappointed with that they are not helping me although I have paid lots of commisions/charges as a private host every month before this pandemic situaiton.

I am sending this message to get helped from you because Korean speakers are not listening to me.


Please help me with this issue.


Thanks and best regards, 


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BrookAve 2 years ago


Hi Huh


That is correct  they will never refund instead it will be a case of it going towards your next commission bill, when ever that is.


The only time and scenario for them to pay out would be if you  enact the 'end my partnership' procedure.  i.e. close account and only then would the account be settled if in credit.


So my next question will be how significant an amount is it to make it worth doing that.

i./e. is it worth doing ?


Nothing stopping you from ending it now and then reapplying next January.




Kind regards


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