Rental warranty


for my accomodation I do ask a rental warranty fee of 250€.Unfortunately the booking.com site doesn't allow me to ask for it by bank transfer, only in cash. 
Since I am working with a fixed keyholder onsite, I am not very happy with this option. I'd like to have the rental warranty fee wired into an account. Since the refund only happens after the OK of the keyholder (when cleaning the appartment).
I don't even get the option to amend this on the booking.com site....only cash seems to be the option.

I always confirm any reservation immediately by informing the tenants of my desire of wiring the rental fee, but some make problems out of it since 'it is on the website that the fee is to be handed over cash'.

Please help, I really want to avoid that kind of discussions.

thanks for your help

kind regards



Hi yes here is now the option to collect the deposit via bank transfer/credit card etc