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Reservation only by advance payment


We do not have facility to charge credit card. So i do not find any option to charge advance from guest.

One option provide is to contact them and receive advance amount. Most of the time this does not work out for me.

Is there any way i can make sure booking is done only after guest pay an advance . As i said, we do not have credit card machine at place.

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Hi I use sum up - I think you find a link here in the market place. Don't know if it is working outside Germany but they have a virtual terminal - of course you pay a fee as with all credit card companies. There are probably others who offer a virtual terminal over the internet.

1 year ago

I'm using Square company , look it up online to find out how to apply for it. It's portable and very convenient . You can charge your clients using most type of credit cards. Good luck.

1 year ago
Mai Na88

I have lots of fake bookings and guests does not show off. Its just waste of time and frustrating making sure all the time that I do not forget to click No Show Button every time because otherwise it is assumed that guest has arrived and i have to pay commission to So I want people to make an advance payment to make a booking. How do I do that ?

10 months ago