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Revolut as payout method


I would like to know is it possible to get paid from on my Revolut account? 

Some other booking platforms accept this kind of payout, but for I could only find negative answer on internet, but from two years ago. I would like to know if anything changed about revolut since then? 

Thank you in advance for your answer! 




Revolut has come along way since then.

its an actual bank with an actual IBAN, so anywhere that you can provide you IBAN info , yes you can receive payment via it


Its also now illegal for a vendor to refuse a IBAN for a Revolut account.


I use my Revolut account for multi currency wallets, and paying invoices.

You just make use to include your PN and INV numbers with each payment and it works fine.

But remember pay outs from BdC to a bank account currently only are an option if you sign up for Payments by Booking.







Oh and its not limited to IBAN Only, you also have a BIC/Swift method too.

Tomislav Raguž…

Thank you for your answer!  I'm trying to change my bank account for payout to Revolut but I'm doing something wrong.  I click on Finance, than Getting paid and than Edit details. It doesn't let me change it to LTxxxxxxxxxx but only to first two letters of my country (HRxxxxxxxx).

Would you be so kind to tell me how can I change my bank account for payout? It would really help me a lot.