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risk-free booking?


a guest booked my room for the 15th of Dec. the status of this reservation says: OK, risk-free. which means if the guest cancels between 30 Nov and 11 Dec then booking will either pay or find another guest. 

Cancellation did not happen. what happens if the guests do not pay? furthermore they requested check-in between 10-11am, while my listing says that it is available from 2pm. I messaged the guest back but no answer in the last few days. 

So, i am confused now: did the guest actually pay? if not, what can i do knowing that i cannot check them in at the requested time? it is clear on my site what the check-in time is


thanks a lot

For any cancellations made before 30 Nov 2018, the original policy conditions apply. If the guest cancels between 30 Nov 2018 and 11 Dec 2018, we'll find a replacement guest for the same dates; if we cannot find a new guest, we will pay for this reservation. After 11 Dec 2018, the guest will be responsible for paying for the reservation.