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Risk Free Reservations Beware!

Risk free reservations programme partners be aware of the pit falls. I would be be wary of opting into this.
A reservation booked on 11th March sat in the diary on our channel manager on 30th March a ammendment came in for a different name same room. Discovered original guest had cancelled on 21st but leave the reservation while looking for a new guest.
New guest found did not provide valid card details so no guarantee of payment. After cancellation I contacted them to say they had not honoured there commitment of guaranteed payment. Told they had got new guest there obligations was fulfilled. That's the dilemma room blocked longer than needed now unsold. I've opted out immediately. Very misleading claims.

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M Adamopoulou

Hi! G-Royston101 welcome to the forum and thank you very much for sharing your experience of Risk free reservations.
Take care!!!

2 months ago