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Dear partners


I am attempting to take payment for non refundable reservations, I have printed the credit card details but they cannot be executed as there is no CVV on the printed sheet, the pos machine is requiring this.  How do I obtain this detail.


Please reply as soon as possible


Lesley Douli


Sunshine Corfu Hotel and Spa




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BrookAve 2 years ago


Hi Lesley 


Reminder this is only Partner HUB Community, and not BdC support Team.


Also  read the change announcements from weeks/.months ago regarding VCC changes.


How does Force Majeure affect the Virtual Credit Card (VCC) process? Will there be additional changes to the process now that FM has ended?

To better protect the interests of both partners and guests, we changed the activation date of all outstanding and future virtual credit cards (VCC) to one day after check-in, with immediate effect on 19 March 2020.


If guests honour the reservation and stay at your property, you can charge the VCC one day after check-in. Guests will be allowed to cancel for free. In that case you will not charge the VCC.

If guests cancel the reservation after the deadline or do not show up, you are also able to charge the VCC one day after the original check-in date.  For all VCCs with reservations made in the past, we will change the activation date to the day after check-in. 


At this time, we are not planning to review the VCC date change for reservations made on or after Force Majeure ended (6 April 2020).

The activation date for all outstanding and future VCCs will remain at one day after check-in. More information about this change can be found in this article.





Kind Regards


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