sales marketıng manager

Booking.com Management Attention,

We have been partnering with your agency for years as CLUB HOTEL TURAN PRINCE WORLD KIDS CONSEPT with our facility code: 313986.

Until this year, we have overcome many difficulties with you within the framework of mutual understanding of partnership.

But this year because of one of us and one of you because of the disputes caused by the commission invoice cut us, punished and closed our hotel for sale.

First of all within the framework of partnership unethical 'I did. Done 'approaches such as a corporate firm like Booking.com would like to specify.

The situation you are carrying out from a one-sided perspective is really sad. As your partner, I would like to ask you to re-evaluate the following subjects for the last time and wish you pleasant work.

1-Voucher Number: ***


Voucher No. *** has been canceled and has not been accommodated at our hotel. CREDIT CARD has been rejected as insufficient limit and no payment has been made. You have issued a commission invoice on behalf of this reservation and we asked you for help.


2-Voucher Number: ***

Case:  Due to the double charge made to our guest numbered ***, the required refund was made by the hotel management.

The following was answered as follows from the notice from booking.com. The result of this response was an extra refund to the guest by you. We, as the hotel management, have fulfilled our duty and it is not acceptable to return to the guest without the written signed permission of the hotel for the second time.

Therefore, the return invoice you have issued has not been processed. I will provide supporting documents for your information. Extranet transaction images, return receipts to the guest are attached.


I would like to remind you that partnership is a two-sided and sensitive issue, and I kindly request your feedback.


Best Regards

Sales Marketing manager

Turan Prince Hotels 

Selçuk YAMAÇ