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Several issues with the Admin interface

Hello Everyone!

My questions:

1. Where do I enter my bank details to get paid? I cant' find it under Finance.

2. I couldn't enter correct address when registering my property. The automated interface kept getting it wrong. The apartment I have listed is on a large residential building, and the accepted only the street nuimber of the building, not the apartment number. Therefore, I cannot receive the code which was sent to me. 

3. Is the verification tool somehow related to the payment issue?

4. The map is wrong, and it is giving misleading information to my potential guests. How do I correct it. It is showing a totally different place under "location".


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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago

Hi! Ikromjon and welcome to the forum. In the past I had some problems with location. I searched and found my coordinates through google maps and requested booking. com to change my pin in location. After a couple of messages and calls they moved the pin to the right position.
You can find Bank details in your extranet tab FINANCE.
Wish you good luck.

Melania Austin 1 year ago

Hello all.  I've been experiencing trouble with app usage as well.  

Deleting a listing

Accessing VCC and getting paid

Setting pricing (it keeps getting changed back)

Customer service unavailable via message or phone

Thank you in advance for any help!