Single mum arrives with 2 Children

We do not accept children as it is unsuitable for their needs and fed up with bed wetters.

Guest books for 2 adults and arrives 1 single mum and 2 Children (Estimate 6 and 8 years old) I point out that the booking is for 2 adults only. She then swears blind that she booked for herself and 2 children and then accuses Booking.com screwing up.

Is late now and she starts giving the sob story ... angry ... Well where am I is supposed to go..MATE ?

I cant refuse and not let her in, I mean its not the children's fault that their mum is pulling a fast one.

So have relented and allowed them to sleep 3 in a bed. Not happy about the situation

What would you have done?


Lizabeth Salinas

This situation is a total rip off for property owners.  Our small motel is fed up with reserved one or two adults bringing additional guest and children.  It takes much more time and money to clean up after them.  I guess we just have to raise the prices on our rooms even more.  Then we will loose business from single guests or couples.  If we turn them away or charge them for the extra people they get mad and leave bad online reviews.  Booking.com and all of the partnering websites, should help us with this.  I have also done lots of laundry and had to take cushioned mattress pads to the cleaners for two different couples that brought additional children that wet the bed.  I totally lost money on those rooms.  Our property clearly shows 1 or 2 adults and NO CHILDREN..  What can we do?

Isle of Wight …

Try booking your own property yourself - this is the only way to see what guests see. Make sure NO CHILDREN is clearly displayed throughout your listing - and get the Fine Print changed to show NO CHILDREN too.

And keep asking Booking.com to change their system to minimise problem bookings.