The situation with Reservation statements: Error or fraud

Prompt what to do. Found a big mistake in the work of reports on bookings from the side of Booking.

At the beginning of February (namely February 3rd, 2019) we went to the extranet of Booking and printed out a report with all the reservations that were included in the January 2019 invoice.
We checked the reservations. Six booking did not have any commission (it amounted to zero dollars) in Booking report. We paid the invoice on time.
On the 6th of March, our accounting department discovered that in the January report on the service Extranet, six bookings that in the first place did not have a commission on February 3rd, now have a commission!

Let’s repeat once again. The January report printed on February 3rd did not display the commission for six bookings (it was zero dollars). Now the commission is displayed in this report (different amounts, just over a hundred dollars in total), when viewing it on the Extranet. At the same time, in the invoice issued in January, the commission for these bookings was included, although it was shown in the report as zero dollars.

To this letter we attach a picture so that everything is clearly understandable. There is a photo of one of the pages of a document that was printed on February 3rd and a screenshot from the current Extranet.

The support desk is not commenting on this issue. They quote the help of the service. about how to undo. At the same time, we pay attention to the obvious technical failure in the work. Because of which we were misled.


Aaltje B.

Hi PiboMarco

Can you help out, please?

Many thanks


Aaltje B.

P Marcotte

J attends depuis un mois le paiement de mes réservations booking ne sait pas me répondre à ce jour toujours aucun paiement. Je me pose beaucoup de questions sur booking
Je les ai appelés plusieurs fois entre 35 et 59 mn d attente pour me dire que ce n est pas eux mais le service financier mais on ne peut pas les avour

Aaltje B.

Hi P Marcotte

That is so frustrating to hear that you did not get an answer.

There must be something wrong, since you are able to contact the help-desk team via the login to the Extranet and through the Inbox tab . The contact information should also be on the same page.

If you google :" how to contact Booking.com in my country" (fill in your country's name) you should be able to find some info there too.

Have you tried that?

You have not received your payment? (If I understand correctly)

A booking is made at your place first and someone stayed - correct?

Try this first and hopefully things have been sorted already, if not, please come back to us if no luck with reaching the team working for BDC. We are hosts just like you, and could forward you info that you need.

A Dieu (good for my French language I learned for 5 years in Holland.)

Aaltje B.