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Some guest can not see service or cleaning fee per reservation

Some guests do not see service or cleaning fee while making reservation, what finally causes some misunderstandings, I called to hotline and lady told my that customers making reservations from smart phone may have troubles to see it, any solution here?

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Katerinka12 3 years ago

"Some guests do not see service or cleaning fee" - if they can't see they will not be able to find your place...

Since you believed those "blind" people can't see, the customer service was trying to find the reason... Booking's priority number one is money. Final price is very seen on smart phones and any kind the gadget. The problem is that people do not want to pay...

1) cash

If you have cash account with Booking, you will experience many people who "can see" only hotel rate. They will resist to pay any cleaning fees and taxes, which are mandatory! As much as you can, try to change your account to Booking payments. You will still have such "blind" clients, but just few compare to those who pay in cash.

2) Payments by Booking

I have received a few (2 to be exact) complaints from clients after they have paid and stayed in my place that how come they saw the rate X and paid Y. Of course, they bombed me with accusations that I "don't respect Booking rules". And how come they paid, they saw the Total price, right?

3) Cultural differences

In some countries cleaning fee is expected, in some not. Try to stick to what is common practice in your country and do not allow your clients to mislead you, making you incure losses to their benefit.

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Katerinka12 3 years ago

Some people make a hotel rate very low, trying to save on Booking commissions. It's bad idea. What will happen, when people use filter in search to find lowest prices, they will see you on top search list. Since these people are trying to find the cheapest place possible (yet super comfortable and nice...), they will bomb you with such complaints, that they "didn't see"... Making you feel guilty and hopefully offering them a refund...

Booking will protect you for the whole amount (total price). Seek for their help immediately when client complains. It's our benefit to have Booking in between.