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Start on booking but can not add any bank account

Dear Patner Hub,

 I am Patricia Tejada Rios owner of Vichayito Sukha House, I just start on Booking a some day ago, and today I can noticed that I have 02 reservations for the next days.

I dont know if both reservation make the correct payments but want I try to add my bank account to booking for any transaction I can not see this option for anywhere, less on my own language (spanish).

Please, any support how can i do this. I have read for anywhere that I have to wait for many reservations untill get available (how much/ how long). This is increadible. 


Any support welcome , will be appreciate


Jessica Patricia Tejada Rios

Merry Yard Hom… 2 years ago

Hi Partner Hub Team,

I have the same issue above & try to search on google but no have any solutions to this.

Go to Finance  >  Bank details 

Actual: It redirects me to Bank details with a blank page & no have any button to add bank account as the screenshot I saw on partner Q&A ???

Cannot add bank details