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Still "No pre payment needed"


After a couple of No shows we need to make sure we get paid before check in.

After changing the policies in:
Properties --> Policies --> "Cancellation & Prepayment Policies" --> "Change/Add details"

Setting "How many days before arrival do cancellation fees apply?" to: "30 Days"
"Do you want to charge guests before they arrive?" to Yes
"When do you want to collect prepayment?" to "After guests book"

When searching on it still states the following for the hotel:
"NO PREPAYMENT NEEDED – pay at the property"


How do I change this?


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Lou Borchers

If you can, get to charge the guest, make all bookings non-refundable not fearing reduced booking numbers. If you can´t, use invoicing through pay pal, set all invoices due on receipt and if not paid by the next day, open the room again watching in case the unexpected will still happen and they pay so you have to block the room again, write 1 or two reminders, if not paid IMMEDIATELY, they will never pay! Call and let them cancel the reservation!

1 year ago

my suggestion is you ask for deposits after the booking made. If the guest are not paying for deposit let them know their booking is not confirm. that is my current practice.

1 year ago

That is no help whatsoever as if the customer stills shows up you have to accept them so you still cannot receive another booking for that day! You can tell the customer it is not confirmed but that means nothing!!

1 year ago