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Still not paid for April 2019

 I have not been paid for April and despite receiving a message from BDC on 24th May that it would be paid within 5 days this has not happened. The message itself has somehow been removed from my message history.

The BDC calendar is the best around, it's a great booking system. Unfortunately, I have been forced to close down the remainder of my busy summer period because I have not been paid for April guests and cannot afford to continue hosting without getting paid.

I have a number of June and July bookings which I will have to honor at my own personal expense. I am very worried that BDc might be in financial difficulty and maybe I will never get paid. Has anyone who didn't get paid for April 2019 by May 15 2019 initially, actually managed to get paid yet? If so please let me know how?

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Leandri Klopper


I've seen a lot of posts like this these past few days. 

I seriously doubt that is struggling financially but I can see why you would go there. I just think it's the turnover time of making international payments. It takes 10 days sometimes for the payment to reflect from the day that they make payment. 

Keep an eye on it maybe :-|

3 months ago