still waiting payments from booking.com

my guests pay booking.com  them I am paid 6 weeks after their departure

so if the guest books in December and booking is August I then get paid in September

and yes this I have agreed with them as I ama small business and it is convenient for  me not to have a card machine

I have had many discrepancies lately in my payments  always short  this is a time we are needing our money as  we have no guests   I am tired sending messages throught the inbox   no help there either No one in Finance will talk to you  I have tried all ways to  get to speak to them  

does anyone have the same problem or a number to directly call finance






Sort of, assuming you are referring to Payments By Booking service.


You select to be paid 4 times a month or on the 15th of the next. 

For each 8 day period on 9th the process will check for any checkouts in the previous 8 days, if none then nothing happens.


This is a common misunderstanding.


You can only message via the Inbox >booking Messages or have a look in finance menu for their contact info but i believe it is the same thing.


If you are expecting to be paid now for future bookings such as in august now, then that will not happen.


Kind regards