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stripe with my listings

Hi  how do i  use stripe with my listings on booking to accept payment when guest book?

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I use stripe with my listing it's fantastic. When guests book I insist that the provide their credit card details including the CVC number(this is important).

These details are then found on their reservation details.

Then using the app PayNow..I just manually input the details sometimes I will just input 1 euro to check that their card is valid but most of the time it's the full amount because they gave booked within my policy time.

Then if the payment is successful I mark the payment guest has paid......

If the payment is unsuccessful I mark the Credit Card as invalid and then the guest will have to provide valid details or the booking will be cancelled.

Hope this helps


1 year ago
Simon Sedjro

Hi, thanks for your advice on using PayNow to accept card payments, very helpful! What settings do I need to do on my Booking account to show I can accept card payments from my guests?

Thank you very much.


10 months ago