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Hello folks..

Need your assistance. I have confirm booking booking which later cancelled by the guest.

According to my cancellation policy, if the booking cancelled before 30 days from arrival then there is 30% cancellation fee. and if cancelled within 30 days, it will be 100%. i don't have grace period for free cancellation. i think this  still using old policy when the booking happen.

The booking was cancelled before 30days not far from the booking is made and i was very surprise why there is no payout at all/cancellation fee; which according to my policy i should have 30%.

I made report to booking.com support and one of the team reply me with the attached letter. the reply is without thinking well/suppose to be. the support state about my policy that there is 30% cancellation fee if cancelled 30 days before but he also said there should be no payout if cancelled before 30 days from arrival. please read the attached reply. 


My question to you all, how to report this support attitude/knowledge to booking.com team who could look after wisely/better or more senior




since i made comment back and the reply not much different as attached too..very annoying !

Thanks and regards,

Benedictus Agusputranto



have you now plugged the hole as the second person directed?


Ben Bali Villa

when the booking happen and even now, am not giving a grace period. please see the 1st person by the name of mohamed stating my policy. the policy there is no grace period stated.


now i attached the booking details in my extranet for this booking to understand more..

Please let me know where to report this case further..