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Suspension of force majeure

Here are Booking's new measures to "protect" its partners!

Suspension of force majeure

- "We understand what you're going through, and that's why last week we informed you that our force majeure conditions would not apply to bookings made from Monday 6th April onwards. This means that you will be free to decide how you wish to respond to cancellation requests from your customers for bookings made from that date (as explained in our communication of Friday 3rd April). "


Do you really think that as long as the health crisis exists, we will make bookings after April 6th?

Doesn't Booking think we're idiots?

My establishments are present on other platforms and believe me, financial compensation is being put in place for existing bookings.

Other partners have understood that without Hosts, more partners, more travelers...


Other measure


Agreement with the customer in case of force majeure :


We are also looking for ways to protect your revenue for bookings made before Monday 6th April, which are subject to the conditions of force majeure. If a customer wishes to cancel, we advise you to offer them other options, which are detailed below.


- postponing the stay to a later date on (different rates may apply),

- a credit note (issued by the establishment) of a value equal to or greater than the amount paid by the client, to be used for a future stay,

- full refund of any prepayment and/or security deposit.


Booking, which until now has taken the decision to refund customers without our agreement, is now asking us to apply its new measures.

Why BOOKING does not take the responsibility to make this proposal to the clients



My establishments are present on other platforms and believe me, financial compensation is put in place for existing reservations.

A message from A.... was sent directly to customers to inform them that their trip is postponed without offering a refund .

It is up to the guests to decide whether to refund or not knowing that a percentage of 25% is withheld for the owners.

Other partners have understood that without the Hosts, more partners, more travellers

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BrookAve 2 years ago

Indeed its disgusting that they have not even included partial or up to 50% refunds.


Yet 2 weeks ago emails were being sent out by the system for some cancelations with the 4th option included for up to 50% refund. ,and now other cancellations are not being treated the same.


I should also note that were a partner utilises deposits, such as % of a booking;

That a deposit is not liable to refund, By definition its a deposit and not a fully paid rate. and therefore not eligible for refund in any scenario.


The decision makers in BdC clearly need a swift kick up the arse followed by an unmerciful head slap for this cock up.

3-Stooges-Protocol I'm calling it.