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Take off the heating payment during summer

I would like you to take of commission for our customers during summer

so from booking between 1 june till 1 November 

thank you


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BrookAve 1 year ago

lol good luck with that, that will never happen.


Asking BdC to not charge their commission during summer.


In case you didnt realise you made 2 very different statements .


If you only meant to ask 'how can i adjust my summer date range to not include heating fee? ' then 

open the calendar list view, expand each room type / rate plan , and deduct the difference and set a new value per date in that range. e.g. 

July 1st  - for each rate shown

additional fee - heating 20euro per stay.

deduct 20euro from the rate shown for that date range per rate plan per promo etc.