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Hi there, my bookkeeping is having problem with the registration of my income, maybe you have some tips to help me. it's the first time. we are in italy. thank you in advance for your help.

Awaiting your kind reply i send my best regards.




Hi emilia biagini


I think you are asking about what your accountant needs to do in order to register you as a local Italian business.

For that you should lookup local or national website for revenue department.

Also typically a local civil service office will have this info.

You might also even have an organisation , whose purpose is to encourage, and support new businesses of any size getting started.


I rarely see any English speaking Italians active on here, so I think you likely will not find what  you are looking for here.

maybe try renaming the topic to some thing more appropriate to get their attention like :


[in Italian too ]

"New Italian Partner looking for advice on Italian tax return requirements from fellow Italian partners"





Kind Regards