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Terminology Used on to distinguish prepaid verse hotel payments

For background, based in Australia and require prepayment of deposit at time of booking.

I'm not sue if has changed the terminology they use to distinguish between prepayment and hotel payments, but I have had a number of cases recently where guests have assumed that no deposit is required on their booking as they have "chosen the pay at the time of stay option".

Anyone else feel this is causing confusion?  


Check at the bottom of their booking under the policies section. It should clearly state something to the effect of...."an amount equal to xxxxxxx will be charged at any time after the booking...".

If that is not there then your listing is not correctly set up for charging deposits.


Try doing a dummy booking through the guests side of BDC and see what shows up when you choose pay-at-hotel. On the initial listing, assuming your deposits are non-refundable, the room options will be marked as "Partially refundable".

On the enter-details page you will see a version of this (left hand side):-



If everything is correct then it's simply your guest not reading through the details fully.

Newcastle Acco…

My whole question was about the terminology pay-at-hotel. The use of this term gives people the assumption that they don't need to pay anything until they arrive. They don't seem to read or comprehend past that. 


Yes, you can argue that's initially misleading.

Perhaps "Balance payable at hotel" would be better when deposits are involved. I've only had the opposite problem where the guest thinks they have already paid in full. (despite the fact we always send a message detailing the charge made and balance remaining to pay on arrival but do they read that....)

A little irksome to have the hassle when the guest has not read through properly/at all.

One  for the suggestions box next time BDC send out the surveys.