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Terrible Company BOOKING.COM

Anyone had problems with BOOKING.COM they have treated us disgraceful. We took over a property in February of this year and contacted BOOKING.COM to advise them. Told they needed the previous people authority to change of use, told them that would not happen as the old owner weren’t nice people.

told to open a new account which I did manage after a while and started trading. THEN all of a sudden it stopped 3 weeks ago and is now closed not taking bookings as it is a duplication property. The best bit is that they are telling me that the old people have an outstanding debt of £1500+ and that it needs to be cleared before it will reopen the account although nothing to do with US. (Bloody good business if you can get it pay someone else’s bills) it flatly refusing to do anything about it till the old debt is paid even though as requested by them I send a copy of my lease to them.


A Terrible terrible company to work with>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 


not really sure why you are blaming - if you took over a property you should have done all the due diligence as the contract with is between the previous owners and bdm on the property - this is pretty normal when transferring ownerships that debts are carried forward. 


I agree with jaybeegee. aren't just going to let someone say they have taken over a business, then start making payments to them and then find it is a fraud.  Appreciate the old owners may have made it difficult but that's not fault.  You will probably find that is where the majority of your business comes from so best to try and work out a solution.

M Adamopoulou

Jaybeegee n Sharonpowney I fully agree with you. is a leader in the tourism industry.

My local support team is  excellent...not only they solve my problems but they also suggest better ways to improve my business...