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Hi guys, need help on what to do. My recent guests ruined my apartment, they dirty it, cut the pillows and found some things that were used in drugs. What should I do. Can booking.com help me with this? Thanks.

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My advice is to get a credit card facility through your bank and charge them for damages. Also inform booking.com. That is what I have been doing for the past 17 months. Having the credit card facility enables you to be paid for all bookings along with late cancellations and no shows. It is interesting that the guests that were charged for damages and taking my property with them did not contact me even to apologize!

Good luck and let us know how you get on.

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8 months ago

I guess before charging them for any damages, you should take a security deposit. Or make them sign a document where they will agree to a certain (maximum) amount.

If anyone will charge me just because of his mind creativity, I will file a dispute with my bank. And they will definitely return my money because the hotel will fail to provide any kind of proof that I agreed to those charges.

You should think of preventing ways. Whether it's a security deposit, house rules, strict check-in process or insurance.

8 months ago

"found some things that were used in drugs"

What kind of things?

8 months ago
M Adamopoulou

Katerinka12, I agree. Preventing ways are very important. I am not pet friendly any more. Not taking risks with our lovable furry friends is a preventing way...
Thanks for your helpful suggestions my girl and have a nice weekend.

8 months ago