Threatening guest

Guest tried to sneak in another person without paying, I called him and he was extremely threatening and I do not want him on the property. How can I do an immediate cancellation online as I am having no luck by calling customer service.

Isle of Wight …

If a guest is threatening, you call the police. And then you call Booking.com to report guest misconduct - there is a button for this in your Extranet - find the reservation details and there are 5 buttons on the right hand side, one of these is Report Guest Misconduct.

Having different pricing for different numbers of guests causes a lot of problems. You are discounting. People try to take advantage of you by booking for one person instead of 2 or 4. You cannot gain from discounting. You can only lose. Prevent problems in the future by setting a price for the property, regardless of how many people are there.