Total amount of a cancellation?

I have a guest who cancelled and I have to charge the night. Why don't I have access to the complete amount of 165,41$ ? 

The virtual credit card is only 139$ which is the amount before taxes. I need to charge taxes anyway, even if the room was cancelled.


Please let me know how I can have access to the remaining amount.


Nicolas Couture-Tétreault

Directeur expérience client



Hi  Manoir des Sables - Nicolas


As you mentioned this is VCC from Booking Reservation Page, then I suspect that means BdC only allow the post-commission fee balance.


Could that be the situation?


Also taxes are charged to the guest already at time of booking when they prepay BdC.

All extras must be directly with the guest on check-in., as far as I know.


There is a section in the Extranet under Property menu, property info that will tell you what tax/rate fees are applied by BdC to the guest when its prepaid.


In fact the reservation page itself will also show a breakdown of the total rate with discounts if any.


Otherwise use the guide below to contact BdC Support. to clarify further.

Let us know how you got on and what the explanation is.





Kind regards


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