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touristtax change of bank no. and to add an other mobile no to receive the verificationcode

Gentlemen, We receive complaints from our guests because you are the tourist tax always count for 2 people, even if someone is alone (then too much is charged), but also if it is 4 people above the 6 years (then there is not enough calculated). In the community Valkenburg should be 2, - euro per night tourist tax paid for people over 6 years old. This always gives frictions because guests of you always get the wrong amount stated. We suggest that when booking, the tourist tax 2, - pppn is above 6 years and no longer with it sum total. Moreover, we will change the bank details, because we have let the property to mr. Theo and mrs. Sandra from Mierle. We also want to add an extra mobile number for it receive the verification code: +31 6 10310467. Kindly regards, Marije van den Pol-Marx

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BrookAve 2 years ago




That is truly a bizarre form of tax, and it would be even simpler to just factor it into the rate instead, less headache for you.


You can only have one sms notification but under account and contacts you can add extranet roles and email addresses.