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Unable to cancel reservation

Guest confirmed booking April 25th.

Guest has not confirmed payment or replied to any communication (may 6th).

I requested to cancel the booking several times and the cancelation is not available.

Im loosing business as i have only 1 room and my calendar is conencted througut my other channels.


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Same here, make everything really hard to do. Im still not sorted out even after writing to them several times.

16 days ago

Same here. I have called with booking. They can't cancel a booking just on suspicion... Now we have three more bookings that do not respond to any of our messages. After the last booking i will close my account with booking, since they cannot help you in anyway. Newcomers can only accept cash payments and when guests don't show... you are without any money... You can get payments in advance after a number of stayings and reviews. Well... if there are only no-shows i will never get there. So i am done with booking! They will go down on their own succes...

11 days ago