Unable to let Booking.com take payments for me

I recently added a property to Booking.com and was happy to see that Booking.com finally allows taking the payment in advance from the guest, and then do a payout to me via Paypal or bank transfer.

However I have an older property on the site for years, and I'm not able to select the same option there.


I reached out to Support but just got an extremely unhelpful standard message that suggested visiting this page: 

https://partner.booking.com/en-gb/help/policies-payments/introducing-pa…; However when you click 'Sign up' on this page it just links back to the page with all my properties, and nothing happens.

Isle of Wight …

We use Payments by Booking.com for all of our properties. Every time we add a property, we go through the same arguments with Booking.com and they try restricting us to cash only. We tell Booking.com that the new property will remain closed on Booking.com until they add Payments by Booking.com for that property, and that we will continue taking bookings through AirBnB / TripAdvisor / HomeAway. Within a couple of days, Payments by Booking.com is set up!

Do not take no for an answer. Keep pushing Booking.com. It is YOUR property, so you set the rules. If Booking.com still don't set up Payments by Booking.com, switch to AirBnB.