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Understanding customer prices

Hi there,

I wonder if anyone can help. We have our property at £98 and also opt into the genius programme. At Level 2's 15% that reduces to £83.30.. I have checked calendar prices and all dates show £98. However, we seem to have a number of customers that are paying as little as £74.9, which means we only get about £62 poundsonce extract their commission. I just can not see how guests are only paying £74.97 as the minimum should be 83.30 with Level 2 genius. Any thoughts as to how this is happening?

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pibomarco 2 years ago

You can only see genius rates as a (genius) guest.

Maybe you activated some other promotions, such as mobile discount (-10%)?

Extranet -> rates & availabilty -> mobile rates 

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Marita 2 years ago


best would be to call customer service and they will explain you in details your numbers.

i have had the same issue and we found hidden discounts that hard to see.

i wish discounts and promotions would be all in one place, but they are in few different pages. Hard to find them.

but customer support is very helpful.  best guests to All, Marita 


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Doonbank Cottage 2 years ago

Thank you Marita - that's so true and I think that would be the best bet. Thank you for your help...Chris...