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Unpaid reservation

I tried to contact Booking regarding unpaid reservation by sending them messages thru Extranet, but I get no reply. I tried 5 times but I get no response. Any suggestions?



HI Aziza, 

For something like that use the phone number method.


But if you were messaging support and not finance team , then do that now then try ringing.


Aziza Alabdulgader

Booking does not list any phone contact. Can you tell me what phone number to call from Portugal.





Actually they do in two places...


  1. Extranet - Direct Partner Support line  Found under Inbox , Messages. Click on the button on the right pane to reveal the Message option and the phone number for your nearest support team.  
  2.  Page Footer - Located below on footer of every  forum page is Partner Help > Contact Us.  There are sections describing how to get to the Extranet  Inbox area for direct support and then a general phone number list worldwide by country/region.  

This link should bring you to your Extranet page to find it.



Kind Regards