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Am having a very bad experience with the customer service. I recently hosted a guest that made complaint and sent pictures to Without any contact just invoiced me the guest refund without having any explanation! They just send me template messages and declaimer about the matter! doesn’t care about the host protection and take solution on behalf of host for the own welfare! I find it un acceptable despite several dispute no resolution was given to me!

Christie Voges

I found even more problems with booking .com I find it immoral that they charge commission on no shows, even if you tried your best to report a dispute.


Christie Voges

Make sure all no shows are marked as such within 24 hours of the check in time. If you are unable to obtain funds from the booking also be sure to mark the no show as waive fees.

This will remove the booking from the invoice list. On the odd occasion one may still come through on your invoice, open the statement for the same invoice and dispute the booking charge there.

There is little point in just writing to BDC, above is the correct procedure.



You have given too little detail for anyone to give informed opinion or advice. Were the photos sufficiently damming of the property i.e. showed the property falling short of its description. What was the actual complaint and was it founded in any way?