Unsecure booking with a possible no show


Hi, We've had enormous success with Bookings.com and have been enjoying all the bookings coming in (Melbourne). We took a booking in July, for a stay coming up this week, the guest booked for 2 nights, then a few days later amended the booking to 4 nights, so a great stay was impending. Over the past fortnight, I've attempted to make contact with the guest to confirm time of arrival, so that we are available to hand over keys and meet the guest. I've had no luck making contact with no responses to emails, messages. I even called the number provided but was met with a gentleman speaking very poor english and through the conversation established that he was still waiting on a visa to arrive into Australia. I rang Bookings to find out how I can secure cancellation fees, etc. as I was not able to view the credit card details. Bookings.com redirected (after many calls) to the partner call centre, who were most obliging, and I am being told to wait a further 24 hours before they will release the booking so that we might be able to cancel and obtain a further booking. "Aparently" they have rung the prospective guest to obtain the correct credit card details and CVC and I am yet to hear back. I did have set to No Prepayment required. Can anyone help with advice. It is a lot of money to lose out on. Thanks


People from certain countries use sites like Booking.com to reserve accommodation for the sole purpose of gaining a visa they have no intention of turning up.