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Unwanted Genius program


Please advice how I can get rid of Genius - guests / or out of Genius program.  
About 90% of booked summer guests pay 15-20% lower price by being in this Genius - and I am not selling my rooms expensive to start with, so it is a huge loss for me.  
I have never asked to join Genius - and there is now way out on the extranet, and no way to contact to get answers.
Please advice
Ása Hreggviðsdóttir
Propertý ID 2164199


I am no longer part of the genius program but found this in the help which should do the trick for you:

How to opt out of the Genius programme

Depending on your property type, you can stop offering discounts to Genius guests by either opting out of the programme in the extranet or contacting us via the extranet ‘Inbox’ tab, so that we can then update your page.

Remember though, after opting out you won’t be eligible to join the programme again for another six months.

Helen May

Hi there, 

How did you opt out of the Genius program please. We are a small hostel in Laos and every 2nd guest is another extra 15% off with this Genius Program. Can you please send me an email on ***.

Kind regards Helen.


Did you manage to opt out? This has happened to us too and the above comment doesn't help you just go round in circles

Thanks a frustrated guest house owner

Helen May

Dear Sir

Did you manage to opt-out of the Genius program?

We are a small hostel and every 2nd customer is a Genius member.

Can you please email me on ***.

I am going around and around in circles.

Kind regards 


J&B Apartments…

I am not a big fan of the GP. It's not worth it in my opinion and it only decreases the booking revenue for partners. If these genius guests where in deed super special for some reason I'd find it ok, but they are just average folks, having the option to ask for another discount. Truth be to told, they'd most likely book anyways, so can do away with that program.

Soul Fire Casitas

I'm struggling with staying with the program.  We do have a high level of bookings and everyone loves a good deal but like the original post...our rates were already competitively low so guests were getting WAY to low of a rate.  Rather than opt of the program...I'm first trying raising all of the rates.  Of course, the booking extranet makes this way more complicated and time consuming a process than necessary.   However, guests can still feel like they are getting VIP pricing while at the same time we can still pay the bills at the property.  I will give it another couple weeks to see how the rates are looking-  if it still feels like we are giving away our rooms then we will opt out for good.

Helen May

Dear Madam 

How did you opt-out of the Genius program? We are a very small hostel and they already get a 10% discount and then every 2nd customer is a Genius Status. Could you please email me on ***

Plus how do we get a net of $6 per night for our hostel is not very helpful or user-friendly.

Kind regards



Like many of you I'm not a fan at all of this program. I think its just a waste because I have never noticed any difference in clientele. In contrary my other property is doing very well without the program. To pay 22% in total then taxes then other local fees it's crazy, not worthy at all. I'm OK with the booking fee and that's it but when I asked to remove it they told me we can't 🙄🙄🙄. I was shocked