Dear All,

It is Ugur AYDIN from No:8 Galata Suites (***)

I've been trying to get in touch with your accountancy for days but unfortunately there is no return. 

Our business's accountability is our main concern. So Please do consider this message.


The customer declared me that the payment had not been charged in her credit card and she told me 'I would like to pay the service'.

The following booking had been charged in their visit and I informed you that I took a payment. I informed booking.com that I received the payment. And booking.com informed me that the service was already charged by booking.com too. And we agreed to return it immediately. 


Reservation number ***,  reservation date: 08.08.2019, Guest name: *** 



The customer's bank is expecting an official paper that displays  the payment had been paid back and unfortunately booking.com is not sharing this information with me nor the customer's bank.


As I mentioned before, our accountability is our main concern. Please do confirm the return payment to me with a bank receipt including the SWIFT Codes.

Thank you for your help.

Kind regards


It would be better for you to make a refund to the guest that you charged separately and keep the payment from BDC. 

What happens if the bank does not receive this paper? 

This is partner forum. Not booking.com support.