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URGENT Guest had not paid the booking total

Booking NO; ********




Thu, Sept 12, 2019


Sat, Sept 14, 2019



The above guest had already checked out our unit, however, the credit card og this guest is invalid, so we could not collect the booking total amount from this guest.


Please let us know how we can collect the booking total??


Awaiting yours.



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fluff 2 years ago

If the guest was meant to pay you directly then I'm afraid you have just learned a valuable lesson. ALWAYS charge the guest's card on arrival. No funds, no room.

Better still is to change your policies to payment in advance, if you have payments by Booking available to you it's a good tool to assure payment.

Alternatively, if you are able to charge a card off-line (guest not present) you simply charge their card at time of booking. Cancellations and no-shows almost disappear and the remaining ones still pay you.

Lei Hawaii Realty 2 years ago

Thank you for your message, however, we just started to list our properties on from September 3, 2019.

In addition, we could not collect the total amount from every single guest's credit card since we had not received the CVC number from your team, so we could not charge the amount before this guest's check-in.

Now, we can charge the amount before the guest's check-in.

Please let me know how we can collect this guest's booking total because this guest's credit card is invalid.


Awaiting yours.