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Vacation rental - best practices on how to collect a security deposit?

Hi everyone,

I was with a couple of years ago and am looking to reestablish my vacation rental on the site.  It is an entire house rental.    I would like to secure a refundable security deposit at the time the reservation is made then collect the balance owning 30 days prior to arrival.   Can anyone share their processes for doing so?

To share, I will be processing all payments.

Established hosts who do the same, I'd love to hear from you!  Thank you!



The framework I would suggest is


1. Add to top of first auto message for new bookings template. 

Deposit in advance required via these methods, x,y and z.


2. If you dont have it already have a look at, as they can give you a payment gateway service to then send a custom link my message to obtain the payment.


3. Set a time limit for them to send deposit.


4. If time expires and no deposit you are free to cancel the booking in its detail page on right pane.


Kind regards, be safe, be well