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I have received an email from Booking.com asking for VAT numbers to be added to my listing under the finance section.  This I have tried to do on numerous occasions but their system simply returns a message saying "This VAT number is Invalid".  Has anybody else had this issue?  I have tried every combination possible and sent an email to Booking.Com but they have replied with a "try again" message or go to the Community for help.  I am busy - very busy- & irritated.  I am finding the contact pathway to Booking.com very difficult to navigate (why on earth they don't just have a big red button saying EMAIL US HERE - I don't know, because it would really help). Any suggestions?????

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Hi Sharon ,


There was an issue with Greece VAT numbers, since resolved.


You have not mentioned what country you are in and nor have you provided your listing into your partner profile which would then help indicate as such.


Please add it and confirm where you are.


Then use the contact guide below to submit a message to BdC support.




Kind Regards

1 month ago
Sharon Hooper

Thank you.  I have updated my information, as suggested and hopefully that works now but I still have issue with VAT number and I have emailed to BdC and nothing  they have suggested appears to work.  Is there a glitch in their software, maybe??

1 month ago