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Hello everybody, 

I am an entrepreneur from Poland paying 0% VAT tax rate in my country and at the same time I am also registered as an EU VAT payer and I am subject to the reverse VAT procedure.

Summarizing, BOOKING's commissions should not include 8% VAT rate in my case.

How can I sort it out? Whom should i write/call with this issue.

Thanks for help in advance,




Hi  Andrew


I know what you mean ,and many have brought this up before but I never saw a resolution to it.


Best to simply contact the finance department and see what they can do.


Let us know how you get on.


Go to Extranet > finance > Overview to find their  direct phone number




Kind Regards.




Blisko, miło, ładnie

Thanks Barry,

I can only write that it is possible and I've already introduced the solution with Airbnb - they release invoices for me with no VAT tax rate.

Kind Regards