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I have not charged the rate with vcc

but it says "successfully Charged" and there is $0.00 on.

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BrookAve 2 years ago




Could you elaborate a lot more please, light on details, don't be shy. :)


Where do you see that status?

How would you know the balance?


What is the booking status itself, has it been cancelled?


Alternatively message the finance team via 

Extranet > Finance > Overview



Kind Regards

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Community Admin 2 years ago

Hi Park Lodge Motel! Thanks for posting in the Community!


As of March 19th we have decided to change the activation date of all outstanding and future Virtual Credit Cards (VCC) to one day after check-in, with immediate effect. Previously, the VCC could be charged once the booking was at least 90% non-refundable, or on check-in day. 

This has been done as a result of an official travel advice about the Coronavirus, which causes unprecedented levels of disruption.  

Some partners may experience temporary disruptions when charging VCCs on 19-20 March. If you are not able to charge VCC on the day after check-in, please try again a little later, a fix for this issue is in place now.


Please see more details here:


Best regards!