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Good Day. We had a guest check out with a virtual credit card details online. I haven't received any communication to charge the card. I also don't think our credit card machine here takes a virtual card.

So don't know if I must contact the client. Please assist. 

What must I do? Guest is Denise Phillips Booking: ***



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Please confirm if you are referring to BdC issued VCC and you got the VCC info from their Reservations details page ?

This is the Online Payments method.


or do you mean you are accepting direct payment and they gave you a VCC such as a Revolut one -time card mastercard)?


In general in order to charge VCCs you must notifiy your ePoS / payment service provider of the need for this .


They will likely give you a web portal or enable such as feature - Virtual Terminal for doing so. These are not included by default.





If I think of anything else , will update later




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