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Virtual Credit Card

Hi, I just started in December on B.C and am having problems with taking a virtual credit card due to merchant code.  Can anyone suggest a good POS system that I can use other than paypal here (which I have) since they appear to be phasing it out. I've tried Paypal for days to change the Merchant Code, and still no joy.  I have payments waiting to be processed.


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BrookAve 1 year ago




Paypal is not a ePoS solution that takes VCC, never has been.


Since we have no idea where you are based, i.e. you have not completed your partner profile with your listing link.


examples of some are:  - special offer for Booking Partners, may or not be available in every location/region , contact them directly if not to see if they provide a custom URL for your location. with account is another, and can also send payment links for prepay or deposit.


most of these providers also will have a ePOS app or browser app, and a virtual terminal, which requires a request for . Do mention the need to use both remote CC and VCC as chargeable.



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Gallery Cottage 1 year ago

Thanks for your response BrookAve. I'm based in Scotland and will get around to sorting out my partner profile when I've got on top of everything else that I feel is a priority, ie. being able to access the virtual cards!  Initially when I started, I was able to take cards details held on line (not virtual cards) and remotely put them into my PayPal Here account.  Recently the cards have changed to being held 'virtually' so I'm not sure which settings I changed for this to take place.

I will now look into the two that you suggested.  Appreciated.